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    We specialize in bringing your dearest moments and most cherished memories to life through customized oil paintings, mixed media, watercolor paintings.

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    Painting Reproductions

    Give you top quality reproductions suitable for your living room, bedroom, office space and any all spaces that make it homey. We do reproduction of famous artwork like Van Gogh, the last supper, Jackson pollock, Picasso among others. We aim to make your home classy with a hint of aesthetic taste of your choice by reproducing portraits, oil paintings, cave art by the most talented painters and handmade using premium oil and canvas.

  • PaintingU Custom Painting

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    Easy to order a museum quality, customized painting

    Do you want personalized artwork? Are you wondering how much customized paintings cost? If you want to order a customized painting, we make high quality customized artwork like your pets, wedding pictures, wildlife we can bring it all to life if you are wondering if you can turn them into a painting.

With 750+ products and top-quality painting brands, So you can choose the best custom painting, framed painting and painting reproduction solutions for your business.

Top quality

Our oils, canvas, and packaging are high quality to meet your needs. We will confirm with you all details so that our classic painters can give you museum-quality masterpieces which are the best handmade, custom paintings only on our site.

Mix and match

We can create stunning mixed media custom paintings adjusted to your needs in terms of size, single or multiple-panel canvases. You can provide the photos of your choice, or our artists can choose you best fit for your theme.

Shipping worldwide

Order our custom painting, reproduction of paintings, frame paintings, and get them delivered fast, safely, and in quality packaging anywhere in the world. You won't be disappointed with our services.

Easily add your design to a wide range of products

Our goal is to give you the best experience from making an inquiry, placing an order, following up for any amends during the project, tracking the order, and safe delivery that satisfies your needs. We provide a 100% money-back guarantee for all orders and a lifetime warranty. Our website is the best for the framed artwork, reproduction of famous paintings, custom paintings, and so on.

  • Catalog of 350+ products
  • Easy order management, transparency in production
  • Competitive & flexible product pricing
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Paintingu on Demand Fulfillment Service

We take pride in our commitment to quality, affordability, and timely delivery. As a painting services provider, our mottos are simple: exceed expectations and deliver results.

Top Categories

Create stunning reproductions of famous paintings, custom paintings, framed paintings and artworks for your business. We make placing an order with Paintingu!

Pet Portraits -Painting your pet (Dogs, cats, horses and other pets)


We make handmade, handpainted custom painting on handcrafted canvas.

We make orignal dog, cat, rabbits, parrot and any unique petportrait paintings. We also paint anything that holds sentimental value to you or anyone you wish to gift like family portraits. The styles vary from oi; painting, watercolor, acrylic painting to digital print. You need to communicate cleary with us during the process to clarify your specific needs.

The best place to buy light paintings-ins/tiktok/led..


Name: Creative LED light painting Lamp Size:D130*H170mm,D220*H310mm Voltage:5V Power:0-5W Material: Wood+Acrylic Lamp Source:LED 3 colors light (Cool light / Natural light / Warm light) Switch Type: USB PLUG+Dimmable button Suitable for:Bedroom, living room, restaurant, bar, office, coffee shop, cloth shop, hotel and so on. Paintingu.com-the best place to buy led light paintings,if you want to […]

The best place to buy handmade wall art painting

1. The poster is without inside and outside frame to keep down the shipping cost,no mat,no inside frame, only canvas.but this size is usual photo frame size and you can get ready frame easily. 2. As the lighting effects, the color of objects maybe a little different from pictures. 3. If there are any < […]

The best place to buy painted personalized canvas reproductions

PRODUCT INFORMATION 1.Brand:SENLI 2.Name: Canvas Painting 3.Size:Size: 5*7inches (13*18 cm); 6*8 inches (15*20 cm) ; 8*10 inches (20*25 cm); 8*12 nches (21*30 cm); 12*16 inches (30*40 cm) ;13*20 inches (35*50 cm); 16*24 inches (40*60 cm); 20*28 inches (50*70 cm) ; 24*32 inches (60*80 cm) 4.Material:High Quantity Cotton Canvas 5.Package Content: 1 Piece Painting (unframed) 6.Package: […]

The best place to buy personalized oil painting canvas

INFOMATIONS Brand: Eyes On Walls Store Material: High Quality Canvas & Waterproof Ink Technique: Giclee Printing Framed: No Framed (Poster only) Note: 1.It comes a poster only, No Frame, poster has no border. The poster with frame in the picture is used only as a display effect. If you need 3cm whiter border, please leave […]

The best place to buy finished painting-pets/wall art/portraits

Paintingu.com-the best place to buy finished painting,if you want to buy a painting online,just order it directly or contact our customer service for more details,we provide custom paintings,paintings reproductions with museum quality. Don’t know how to decorate it? If you don’t know how to match, please send me the photos of the room you want to decorate, […]

So, why us?

What Makes PaintingU the Best for Custom Painting?

Top quality paints using the latest technology

100% hand-painted reproductions and custom paintings. Our team of experts is composed of dedicated and highly skilled people who are committed to giving you the highest level of quality, customer service, and satisfaction.

Mix and match colors, sizes, and designs

We are professional and versatile, and we have served customers from more than 50 countries globally. We're serving customers worldwide, providing mix-and-match colors, sizes, and designs! You will be satisfied with us, we guarantee it.

Made-to-measure packaging

Our premium packaging protects your beautiful piece and can also be used as storage in case you plan to move and for purposes of shipping. The packaging sizing is customized to the standard of your artwork. Be sure to provide all the relevant details.

Reorder quickly and easily

With our Online presence, being the best customized painting website, it is very easy to make orders because we are always available to help our customers 24/7. Your custom requirements will be noted down by our artists so will any follow-ups and inquiries. Payment methods are also secure and timely shipment.

Shipping worldwide

When shipping, we put utmost priority in the protection of your custom paintings, reproduced famous paintings, and frame paintings. Your piece will be framed and packaged professionally and shipped on time. You can track the shipment and can contact us anytime if there are any concerns. We will respond promptly to your questions!

Excellent communication

Our professional staff is here to serve you. clear communication is very important when dealing with customized products, especially paintings and any form of artwork. This is primarily because the idea is inspired by the customers’ own sentiments therefore it has to be dealt with utmost precision to make it personal to them and detail-oriented.

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We’re the experts in on-demand solutions trusted to deliver worldwide by Paintingu!

  • "PaintingU gave my family photo a touch of genius. These pieces are so amazing. I needed something to hang in my office and with a red theme which is lively. I couldn’t have asked for more with my favorite people all in one frame. What you see was a black and white photo by the way. I have already made an order to have in enlarged and sealed with their handcrafted frames. Thank you paintingu.com, the best website for custom paintings."
    Vicy Anna
    Vicy Anna
    / Orlando, FL
  • “I cannot get enough of these paints. Outings with the family are always the best memories for me. I wanted a special way to keep this memory and paintingu did not disappoint. They perfected it with the right frames, the size I orded and materials which regulate unnecessary reflections. I cannot ask for more. I gave it to my mom, and she got all teary, it's up on the wall! I will be coming for more when I need personal gifts for friends and family.”
    / New Jersey
  • “I wanted a special way to appreciate my partner and express my affection to him through art. That photo is one of my favorites of him in his superman attire, doing what he loves. I got a warm cuddle and tight one for that after he opened it. This is one of the best marriage gifts that he cherishes. The quality of the materials used on it cannot be overstated! I am grateful that paintingu.com put all the effort into making my gift worth his while. I highly appreciate them”
  • “My girlfriend is a model, and she takes pride in her work. When she was lacking inspiration, I wanted a way to motivate her, and I thought the vibrance of colors through customized painting could help. This piece handcrafted by specialists from the frames to high quality paper did the trick to get my other half pumped up. The canvases are glossy, and it made a perfect gift to raise her spirits and show her that I support her. It worked like a charm"
  • “After my nephew’s dog passed away, he was so miserable. It reminded me of the sorrow I went through when my own left us. I figured a proper way to console him would be to make sure he holds on to atleast a memory of Chicco. To the left is my fluffy late Sissy which paintingu.com did for me and to the right is Chicco. My nephew has him up the wall in his room and he couldn’t be more at peace now. Such an international standard piece of work. ”
  • "My husband made an order to surprise me knowing how much I love paintings and art. I am very impressed with what paintingu did to the photo of my sons. The prints they produce are of high quality and they always communicate with you during the process to make sure they follow your instructions. Their attention to detail is amazing. Thank you for this amazing piece, everyone in the family loves it. Hope to come back again. Thumbs up paintingu "
    / California

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Reproduction of famous paintings, Custom paintings, and any customized gifts and products you can think of.

Indeed , you can check our testimonials to see the experiences of those who ordered personalized gifts before. We have a wide array of products the primary being personalized/ custom paintings and artwork.

The painting normally takes a minimum of 7 days to make and 14 days tops to arrive.

All we need are specifications of the piece you want to either reproduce or customized paintings.  If you have a photo or photos, we will need a copy and we take it from there.

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